Caring for Your Keepsake

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Madelyn Co. has a 100% guarantee policy on the quality and satisfaction of our product line. To maintain our lifetime guarantee, all pendants must be sealed with glue. Madelyn Co. inspects and individually wraps each item to ensure its safe arrival. As is the nature of hand-crafted goods, the finishes may vary a bit from piece to piece. Some pendants have a high polished finish which may scratch easily, so please handle with care.

Brass, Pewter & Bronze Pendants – Some skin types may react to certain metals. If tarnishing occurs, a soft cotton polish cloth and cream will restore shine.
Silver & 14k Gold Pendants – If needed, the pendant’s shine can be restored with silver cleaner and a cotton cloth to avoid scratching. Fine scratches that can appear from wear may be buffed out by a professional jeweler.
Plated Pendants – Gold vermeil is a high grade of plating over sterling silver. Contact with some skin types may cause discoloring. Shine can be restored with water on a soft cotton polish cloth to avoid scratching. Avoid polishing cream as gold plating can wear off.
Titanium Pendants – Titanium can be cleaned with a soft cloth dampened with warm soapy water. Dry thoroughly before wearing.
Stainless Steel Pendants – The pendant’s shine can be restored as needed with polish cream and a cotton cloth to avoid scratching.

Instructions for Filling and Sealing Madelyn Co. Keepsake Pendants


  1. Remove bale (threaded cap), screw or back from pendant.
  2. Place funnel in opening of the pendant.
  3. Fill the pendant no more than 90% full. Volume of contents will vary with pendant size.
  4. Important: After filling, remove the funnel and clear the threading with the provided pick. Take bale/screw on and off a couple of times to ensure the threads are clear.
  5. Glue bonds Quickly! Use care not to get glue on your hands or pendant body. 
  6. Start by threading the bale/screw into the pendant. Carefully apply a VERY SMALL AMOUNT of glue to the threads and continue screwing bale/screw until it is positioned properly.
  7. For threading bale: Line up the eye of the bale so it is perpendicular to the face of the pendant. If the eye of the bale is facing forward, the chain will twist and the pendant will not hang properly.

Note: Some pendants may have to be left loose a quarter turn to have the loop line up properly. This is not a concern because the glue will seal the pendants.

Filling/Sealing Filigree pendants: (127-128)

Start by un-screwing the bottom of the pendant and removing the glass cylinder. (Use pick to loosen glass insert if needed.) Fill the glass cylinder and replace the plastic stopper. Apply a drop of glue to the top of the stopper and slide the glass into the filigree casing. Press and hold for one minute. Apply a small amount of glue to the inside base of the silver cap and threads. Screw the cap on to secure the cylinder.

Please call or e-mail Madelyn Co. with any questions or concerns.